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Get rewarded for the content you make. Grow your fanbase, viewers and engagement and monetize your content.

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Ingage allows content creators to offer their viewers Incent digital rewards for tuning in.

Viewers earn Incent for every code they redeem.

How it Works


Ingage automatically generates reward codes during a live stream.

Viewers can redeem the codes instantly and get rewarded in INCNT attention token.

When a viewer redeems, our Pro streamers also get rewarded for making awesome content!

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Start earning an income for sharing your content.

Sign up to our Pro plan and earn cryptocurrency for every code redeemed during your stream.

What are the benefits of the Pro plan?

    • Earn an income for every code redeemed during your stream.

    • Receive donations from your viewers.

    • Know your viewers with our real-time reward analytics.

    • Choose the reward rate.

    • Direct your viewers to a URL of your choice after each code redeem.

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Do I have to pay to use Ingage?

No. You can use Ingage to reward your viewers for free, but you won’t be able to receive donations, earn an income or any of the other benefits of the Pro plan.

We have 23,000+ streamers using Ingage across all major streaming platforms

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Incent is platform agnostic and works on ANY live streaming platform


What our content creators are saying about Incent


Since finding incent, it has helped my twitch to grow, whilst rewarding my viewers. This is simply the best idea out!
– Kyle Wade

Great way to increase viewer count and followers.
– @Nintend36780621

Since the first day I used incent in my streams my viewers plus viewer retention have increased tenfold. What can I say INCENT is AMAZING!

Holy Freaking Crap my first time putting Incent on my stream and I get these amazing results thanks again @IncentLoyalty for this amazing opportunity to reward my viewers 😀
– @PaperCarmelo