5 Reasons Why Streaming Has Grown During The Pandemic

We know. We know. You are probably tired of reading another headline about the pandemic that has engulfed most of 2020. And although the majority of the media coverage delivered has been done with a strictly negative slant, there remain many as yet uncovered stories of innovation, resourcefulness and growth during this unsavoury period.

Lockdown Perpetuity

With more people than ever before confined to their homes be it for the purposes of work, or searching for work, it comes as no surprise that lacking the proper supervision, televisions and laptops have been tuned to streaming services. These claims are reiterated by Pew research polls which indicate a 40% drop in productivity across the board during the pandemic.

Content Saturation

Podcasts. Vodcasts. YouTube. Twitch. Dlive. You name it, a platform now exists providing anybody with a medium through which to express themselves and their ideas. And why not? If one feels stifled by the current economic, and political climate why not turn to producing engaging content in high growth industries such as gaming and eSports.

The prospective additional income becomes the icing on the cake.

Platform Saturation

Aside from all the new individuals entering the market providing content, as I briefly touched upon above there is also a plethora of new platforms via which they engage, distribute and publish their content.

Recently ProductHunt compiled a list of the Top 10 tools enabling entrepreneurs to start their own radio show. These include some great innovations which have now amassed millions of users. Namely: anchor.fm, podbay and stereo, each of which cater to a slightly different demographic, with a slightly different purpose.

The Australian Market

Although Incent now spans a global audience of 200,000+, it was and still is a traditionally Australian organization. So, it would behest me not to mention the growth statistics in Australia.

The current Australian market comprises 15+ million subscribers to streaming services, up over 1.5 million since the beginning of the pandemic. With a population of around 25 million people, it’s fair to say that Aussies sure love their subscription content.

Doubling Down

In a report released by Nielson, Deadline claims that overall time spent streaming and consuming streamed content has more than doubled since March 2020. Like any business at Incent we too make note of how engaged our users are, and how much content they are consuming.

Internal findings reveal that the Incent community has grown from watching just over 140,000 hours of content per week, to well over 350,000 hours at the time of writing. That’s more than a 100% increase in hours watched.

Regional Statistics – Italy

Italy, arguably one of the most harshly affected Western countries by COVID were asked the following question as represented in the graph below. According to government sources 41% of people increased the amount of time dedicated to consuming audio and video streaming, whilst 15% claimed that their watch time ‘increased significantly’.

Regional Statistics | Sweden & Twitch

During May to July 2020 whilst Sweden experienced an aggressive growth of coronavirus cases, Twitch reports that they resultingly experienced their highest level of iOS and Android daily active users, with more than 60,000 downloads per day on respective devices (iOS coming out slightly ahead in total downloads).


Eric is Marketing Manager and Growth-hacker at Incent, leading growth hacking initiatives and helping to steer company-wide marketing direction and growth objectives.