Winning the War on Attention


Incent has partnered with market-leading blockchain technology company, ConsenSys, to re-engineer our revolutionary View to Earn (V2E) technology as a Web3 enabled protocol.


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Why is Incent moving to Ethereum?

While Incent’s View To Earn (V2E) beta rapidly caught the attention of live streamers and their audiences, re-engineering this solution as a Web 3.0 enabled protocol will allow us to:


  • Reward far more to our creative partners and their audiences.
  • Offer a seamless, inexpensive marketing solution to commerce.
  • Reward in mainstream crypto-currencies.
  • Serve a far broader cohort of content creators.
  • Generate a real wealth effect for all Protocol participants.

Incent’s Decentralised Engagement Protocol(DEP) will bring DeFi to Digital Marketing

V2E will reward everyone in the value chain.

How will Incent manage the move to the Ethereum network?

  • All existing INCNT holders will be invited to bridge to a new (ERC20) token, called ADEPT.
  • Operation of the existing platform will suspended while ConsenSys builds the Web3 replacement.
  • During build, new creative and commercial partners will be incentivised to commit to participation via a locked airdrop technology.
  •  Incent 2.0 is due to launch in December 2022.

Read the Whitepaper

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