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Gaming is growing exponentially as a social sphere, with 92% of players playing with friends or another person in 2018 according to Digital Australia.
Zac Powell, or as Twitch users may know him, @lordeyayaya20, is a content coordinator at Incent and the partnership with Gfinity Esports Australia has brought one of his passions to the forefront of his work.

Clocking between 50 to 60 hours of gaming a week, it’s fair to say that Zac has a vested interest in its future.

“I first got into online gaming when I was really young, due to moving overseas”, says Zac, explaining that “it was an easy way to keep in touch with friends, and it made me feel like I was back at home.”

Live streaming and watching others play games has always been a part of Zac’s gaming experience, and he has a strong belief that watching others play improves his own repertoire of skills and strategy.

“You can gain a lot of insight from watching the best of the best play with each other,” he tells me, and adds that he thinks Incent can really help with that viewing experience .

“I think the profile of Incent  will grow exponentially as we show what we can do with engagement ,” he says.

“Rewarding viewership and engagement is important, and cryptocurrency is the perfect facilitator of that.”

With his favourite games being Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League and Stick Fight, Zac is looking forward to developments in gaming as it moves forward, with a special interest in the progression of detail in games.

“Red Dead Redemption 2 is a great example of what we can do in terms of scale and depth in the current day… I’m excited to see where that goes,” he tells me.

When asked his top tip for gamers, Zac had a very simple piece of parting advice: stay hydrated!

@LordYaYaYa20 is on  Twitch and is in the Incent office daily.

Tabby wilson

Author: Tabby Wilson