Incent is a future facing rewards technology company.

We established Incent in 2017 after a successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the INCNT reward token.

Our Mission

Our mission is to put wealth back into the hands of ordinary people.

We believe in society. For society to flourish, its members must feel valued.

We build technologies that enable people to reward others seamlessly, with real value, for the behaviours they want to incentivise.

We believe in the power of scarcity.

Our reward fuel is an openly tradable digital commodity of programmatically finite supply, which revalues in response to demand.

We believe in the power of compounding to build wealth.

Our products allow users to experience it’s life changing impact on their financial wellbeing.

We believe that data has the power to do good.

Our products deliver valuable and comprehensive insights based on attributable fact without compromising user privacy.

We believe people should be able to profit from their data.

Our products enable people to monetise their data.

We believe security is paramount.

Our products fully leverage segregation and encryption to protect user data. We are PCI compliant.

Meet the Team

Our headquarters is based in Sydney (AUS), with remote staff based in London (UK) and Zurich (CHE).

Rob Wilson

Co-Founder & CEO

Jins Kaduthodil

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Rowan Last

Head of Finance

Hugo Lai

Head of Compliance

Jaxon Valentine

Commercial Director

Tara Kemp

Head Of Marketing

Sergey Ishchenko

Chief Technical Officer

Nadezda Begicheva

Senior Software Engineer

Luke Mico

Software Engineer

Matthew Geale


Catherine Geverola


Leigh Masson

Chief Design Officer

Zachary Powell

Content Creator

Eric Azizian

Marketing Manager

Mila Photo

Ludmila Sinica