Add Incent To Your Home Screen For Easier Accessibility

If you’re finding it frustrating opening our application on your chosen browser, then this is the article for you. Just follow our step-by-step guide to add Incent as a shortcut on your phone once you’re done you’ll get quicker access and it behaves just like a native app.

More often than not, I too am rather oblivious to the amounts of cryptocurrency that was effectively automatically generated for me whilst watching streams. So, I bring you a very simple trick which should for the meantime at least, keep the Incent app in your line of sight. 

Method: Navigate to The Incent Login Page

Open your default mobile browser on your phone and navigate to the link above (or simply type in the following url:

The page should look something like this:

(If you have trouble loading the video below,
click here to view the animated .gif version
– soundless)


Incent Onboarding Overview
(and how to keep the app visible on your home screen).

At this point if you are using Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera on your smartphone, please refer to the .gif below for an easy demonstration of how to add Incent Loyalty App to your home screen.

Note: In the animated example below, I decided to go through the default welcome screens a user sees as well, in case you happen to be a new member reading this post and are not yet 100% confident in your understanding of how the app works.


And there you have it, hopefully by having the Incent app officially on your mobile’s home screen, you will be able to keep up with all the different rewards you’re receiving (assuming you have been using the spending account linked to your profile). 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply below, or contact support directly.

Enjoy your hard earned, rewards! If you decide that you are ready to withdraw your Incent rewards, we recommend following the link above to read the comprehensive guide we have prepared for you…