Incent provides a new way for businesses to integrate their advertising with content creators, producing significantly higher returns than possible via traditional ad channels.

Problems Facing Businesses Today


Rising Costs.

Over the last decade average advertising expenditure has risen by 55%, and continues to rise year on year. In simple terms it’s costing more for businesses to acquire customers.


Ad saturation

We live in a time where more companies than ever before now operate online. Likewise there is a growing generation of people for whom online advertising is a staple of life.
As a result, not only are we being hit with more advertising than ever before but people are also tuning out ads at higher rates making it difficult and expensive for businesses to get noticed.


Decreasing trust

Hand in hand with ad saturation there has also been a decline in institutional trust across the west, in part because of the failure of big tech to communicate truthfully with their users.

So, it’s not surprising to find out in a recent report that over 85% of the people surveyed about their web habits stated that they trust online ads less than billboards and other outdoor advertising.

Ingage allows businesses to use the power of trusted online content creators to recommend your products to their audience in exchange for an instant payment to their audience members who opt to engage with your product, processed seamlessly via Incent.


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Our Ingage technology was designed to be deployed across any marketing channel, allowing advertisers to reach new potential audiences.

Our early-stage pilot campaigns returned some amazing results….


Increase in average view time during a live broadcast.


Secondary action engagement


Average returning viewers, week-on-week.


Incent is helping brands extract deeper levels of granularity from video audiences leading to better targeting, higher engagement and lower customer acquisition costs.


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