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Uncap 96% of the influencer market through micro-influencers – the heroes of influencer marketing.
Reach engaged audiences while they watch live-streamed content.

Get your business future ready

Incent helps your brand deliver targeted messages to live-streamer communities in their homes.
We enable brands to engage with not one, but multiple micro-influencers, delivering the impact of small on a large scale.

Advertise to millions of gamers


  • Ingage is our a rewards tool that allows creators to offer their viewers Incent for tuning in.
  • Ingage automatically generates reward code banners during a live stream which viewers redeem for a micro-reward.
  • Custom branded in-stream banners target micro-communities.
  • A redeem page offers the opportunity to complete a secondary CTA.

Incent codes are platform agnostic & can be deployed across any live streaming platform

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Our content creators stream across multiple platforms simultaneously, reaching a wider audience than is possible with conventional marketing tools.

Opportunities for brands

Incent tools allow brands to engage with communities that can be difficult to reach via our content creator reward network.

  • 30% of internet users use Ad. blockers

  • 39% of the Twitch audience is unreachable via tv.

  • 9% of Twitch users watch no tv at all.

Reach audiences during live-streamed content by offering a micro-reward of Incent to promote a branded call-to-action.

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