The Centurions Affiliate Program

I want to start by thanking all of our streamers for using Ingage to reward their audiences. Because of you, our growth has been truly extraordinary…

Since the program launch in December, we have grown from just one streamer in the UK, @LTZonda to over 3,000 content creators across the globe and a core team of brand ambassadors and community mods. We’ve also had over 20,000 viewers claim codes across every major streaming platform and rewarded over $30,000 in INCNT

As we come out of our pilot phase and introduce our commercial model, we would love to get your help in getting us to our next goal of 5,000 verified content creators. The best way to grow this community is through personal recommendations and referrals.

So let me introduce you to our new affiliate program which we’ve called The Centurions.

Who were the Centurions?

They were an elite, well-trained, well-educated and well-connected group of select warriors who helped the Roman Empire grow into the powerhouse it became… and that’s the type of person we need at Incent. The centurions in a legion were arranged in a complicated order of rank, with variations in authority and responsibility from top to bottom – similar to an affiliate program.

How does it Work?

Basically, any content creator can become a Centurion with a combination of smarts and dedication.
Initially – All you need to do is refer 10 verified creators and you’re in the club.

When you reach 10 verified creators you will receive a bonus $50 worth of INCNT on top of the $50 you already earned through our referral reward program. So that’s a $100 worth of Incent…boom!
Once you have achieved affiliate status, you will earn $10 for every referred verified creator that joins Incent.

But wait…there’s more!
Once you’re a Centurion, you’ll get some pretty awesome perks, including
– social media support for all your streams
– a bad-ass Centurion badge
– an exclusive discord role
– Exclusive early access to Merchandise when it’s launched
– You get a Brand Ambassador Mentor

And the best part is we will also pick one of our Centurions to join me on the Brand Ambassador team as our newest paid member!

The team at Incent is committed to making Incent the number #1 engagement and reward tool for content creators. Help your friends and contacts understand how to get verified, and how they can earn a little bit extra for doing the thing they love to do!

If you’re not an Incent streamer and you’d like to join the program, set yourself up in a few minutes by going to

Jaxon Valentine, Commercial Director at Incent

Jaxon Valentine

Commercial Director at Incent.
Catch Jaxon live on Twitch playing Golf Club 2019 every Monday at 8pm AEST.