Chief Product Officer Update – May 2020

At Incent, we have come a long way since we launched the first version of Incent Ingage to the public in early December 2019. We started with one creator, @LTZonda, and through direct communication with the content creator community, we stand in May 2020 with over 2400 content creators using the Incent Ingage platform! A huge thanks to all the creators that have joined, use, and continually refer their friends to use Ingage, without you the growing success of a truly amazing platform would never be possible.

The power and benefit of being a company that directly listens to and communicates daily with the creator community means we are able to incorporate changes and updates to the platform faster than ever before. The chart above doesn’t do justice to all the smaller “behind the scenes” updates completed; however, it shows the speed and tenacity that the Incent team is powered by to provide monetization tools to creators on as many platforms as possible.

You may have watched Incent CEO, Rob Wilson’s AMA video which explained that our vision is to help everyday people build wealth. For both viewers and content creators, this means getting monetization. Since day 1, Incent has made it possible for viewers and audiences to earn $0.04 for every DropCode successfully redeemed and to date, the numbers have been staggering.


Incent Streamer growth

Now we have finished the build to enable verified content creators to earn from the Incent Ingage platform too. For the first time ever, verified content creators will be able to seamlessly get rewarded every time their audiences engage with their stream when redeeming DropCodes.

From today, verified content creators will start to see “Streamer Income” in their Incent wallets. It’s quite simple. The more engaged your audience is, the more Streamer Income you will receive!

How can Incent make this happen? We are building a sustainable platform that is funded by a mixture of advertising, partnerships and sponsorships into the Incent platform overall. Our partnerships team are working with businesses all around the world to use Incent as a direct to consumer high return marketing platform. This means instead of showing ads, brands may sponsor rewards, undertake brand takeovers of the Redeem app or sponsor various aspects of Incent products.

At Incent we are so very excited to make this new feature available for you. It is a huge step forward to helping everyday people build wealth.

Finally, we have released a public roadmap in our attempt to continue to stay transparent and accountable to you, the community. You can find the public roadmap by going to You can have direct influence on what is being built by voting on any of the task cards you see. You can suggest new ideas and features by heading over to our help desk community forum where we continually read and learn more about what areas of the platform need to be built out.

We continue to push our boundaries of what can be achieved. It all comes down to the team, so a huge thank you to the entire Incent team for making this a reality.

Stay tuned as we have several improvements and new features coming in the next few weeks and months!

Jins Kaduthodil

Jins Kaduthodil

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Incent.