Happy Incent Anniversary Matt and Nadia!

Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of our earliest employees, Matt Geale and Nadia Begicheva.

One year ago, Incent was a very different beast. It was just a few months after our crowd sale, we were wrangling the concept into something that would work with the commercial and regulatory realities that were evolving on a near-daily basis, and the tiny Sydney-based team with which we’d bootstrapped the project was becoming overwhelmed by the technical and security demands of a customer-facing, cutting-edge fintech application.

Into this maelstrom stepped our first two full-time paid employees, Matt Geale and Nadia Begicheva. Matt came on board as a full stack dev and Nadia as a UX dev, but to dwell on those initial roles would be to downplay the huge and broad contributions they have made to the Incent platform and the commitment they have shown to the project. Despite — or perhaps because of — their baptism by fire, both quickly became indispensable members of the company. In short, when Incent desperately needed for things to start going its way, these guys stepped up.

In terms of helping to put our tech on a firm footing, we couldn’t have asked for more. We’re enormously pleased they both decided to stick around, and the calibre of their work has been a benchmark for the team that grew around them.

We’ll be celebrating in our Darlinghurst offices with a bit of coding (they’re devs, after all) and some cake. And it’s not impossible that a glass or two may be raised to them in a pub after work.

A very big ‘thank you’ to you both!

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This post was first published on Medium May 24 2018.