How Incent Differs From Traditional Loyalty Rewards Programs

Incent differs from any loyalty reward product you’ve ever experienced, in 3 key ways:

  • Traditional loyalty is merchant-centric. It’s all about encouraging you to spend more with a particular merchant. At Incent, we are loyal to YOU – the people. So we reward you wherever and whenever you spend.
  • Traditional loyalty programs require you to swipe a card or spend at specific places to get rewarded. Incent’s next-gen technology works at the bank level – removing all the friction and hassle. It’s literally set and forget. You get rewarded for every eligible spend anywhere.
  • Traditional loyalty programs reward in points. Points are only worth what the merchant offering them says they are worth, and only for as long as they are prepared to allow them to be redeemed. Incent rewards you with cryptocurrency; tradable value that has the potential to grow in line with demand – and that you can cash out whenever you choose.

The Future of rewards

Put another way, with Incent, there are no restrictions.

  • You get rewarded seamlessly.
  • You get rewarded everywhere.
  • You get rewarded with a real, open, boundless, tradable value that can help grow your wealth

All this because we leverage the power of cryptocurrency. Incent is the future of rewards. Don’t be left behind. This is not about loyalty, it’s loyal-ME.

Our program is due to launch this July, but in the meantime,  join our waitlist to find out more and be in with the chance to win some great prizes.