About Incent

It’s no secret that commerce places a high value on our attention, dollars and data.

We think it’s time people got properly rewarded for all the things that commerce values.

At Incent, we’ve committed ourselves to building technologies that allow this to happen


We enable people to get rewarded for their attention and engagement decisions.

  • We provide anyone with the means to incentivise any digitally trackable action quickly and seamlessly, using technology that can be deployed across online and physical domains.
  • When the action is triggered, the consumer is instantly rewarded with an amount of INCNT.

We enable people to get rewarded seamlessly for their spending decisions and the data that these decisions generate.

  • When you sync your bank account(s) with Incent we anonymise your transaction data and pool it with everyone else’s to build insights that have significant commercial value.
  • We reward you on a per transaction basis for permission to do this, with a cryptocurrency called INCNT.
  • Any entity wishing to access the insights that your data helps to build must pay to access them. With this revenue we buy yet more INCNT.
  • Any business wishing to leverage the insights they have purchased to incentivise your custom can do so by rewarding you with more INCNT when you spend with them.

Our Secret Sauce

The reward fuel that powers the Incent platform is Australia’s first cryptocurrency, INCNT. Minted in 2016 and traded globally since early 2017 INCNT can be bought and sold on the open market 24/7 and we are partnered with a professional trading team to automate this process.

  • To be deployed on the Incent platform the INCNT reward fuel must first be purchased on the open market.
  • Since INCNT is a cryptocurrency of programmatically finite supply, the more INCNT we purchase the higher INCNT’s open market value is likely to climb, to the benefit of anyone possessing it.
  • We purchase INCNT in order to reward you for access to your data.
  • Commercial partners finance further INCNT purchases in order to:
    • access the insights your data helps us build,
    • incentivise your custom,
    • incentivise your attention; or,
    • incentivise your engagement

Accumulate INCNT as you go about your day-to-day life.
Save it as a nest egg in your digital wallet or transfer off-platform.

You’re in charge. It’s your choice.

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