How to monetize your streaming career

Howdy, in this article I am about to show you one platform that allows you to monetize your streaming career while giving you a $5 bonus when you sign up.

The main question that people ask me is: “is it reliable? it looks shady to me.” and yes, you can trust them.

The platform I am talking about is INCENT. With their Ingage program you can earn income from your viewers while rewarding them with free crypto.

Ingage is a free rewards tool that allows creators to offer their viewers Incent digital rewards for tuning in.

How does Incent work?

Before your stream, you need to create a campaign, which will provide several codes for your viewers to redeem while watching your stream.
Those are the steps you need to follow before each stream:

  • Login on Incent Ingage’s app
  • Create a Campaign with the desired time range
  • Go Live
  • Profit!

Is it that easy?

Short answer: yes. Setting up Incent Ingage’s app is not a hassle and they will guide you through all the required steps.

But really, how do you make money?

There are several ways you can earn revenue with Incent.

1 – Streamer Income – you’ll earn 50% of the value rewarded to your viewers, meaning: the more people you give money to, the more money you make.

2 – Donations – While being an Incent Streamer, people will be able to donate their earned INCNT to you, which means that your most loyal viewers will give you more through redeeming codes and donations.

3 – Referrals – Every streamer that gets verified will earn you and him both $5, which explains how we can offer you $5!

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I’ve been using Incent for a few months and their community is super friendly and their support is super fast, so if you are facing any issue, it’ll be solved quickly!

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