Setting up a Gift Wallet for INCNT

Looking for a present with a difference? Have you thought about sending cryptocurrency as a gift? Perhaps you’re looking for a special birthday or wedding gift, or want to put some funds aside for the future for someone. It’s super easy to set up a crypto gift-wallet if you follow our “how to” guide.

Whatever the reason, it’s very easy to do with Waves and Incent. All you need to do is:-

  1. Download the Waves Client from
  2. Create a new wallet and copy/paste the ‘seed’ (similar to a private key, which is used to control funds) and address into the text below.
  3. Then send some INCNT to the address from an exchange, another Waves wallet, or withdraw it from your Incent account at
  4. Print out the explanatory text below and give it to your lucky recipient!

Congratulations – you’ve just set up your gift wallet!

The text below explains a little about Incent, how to look after crypto and some useful links, though you might want to edit it here and there.

Incent Gift Wallet

Congratulations on becoming the new owner of <number> Incent tokens! Incent is a cryptocurrency that is being used in loyalty programmes, but unlike most reward points, you can easily give it to other people or sell it at the exchange for cash, as well as using it to buy things from participant shops.

Instead of being a kind of IOU you can only use in certain shops, Incent is bought from the open market when it’s issued to customers (and sold when they spend it). Because there is a limited amount of Incent in existence and no more can be created, we expect it will become more valuable over time, as more and more people use it.

Incent uses the blockchain, the same technology that bitcoin uses to store and move cryptocurrency. To access the Incent kept in your blockchain address, you will need your private key. Anyone who has the key also owns your Incent so keep it safe. If you lose it, you lose the INCNT. Don’t take a photo of it or keep it in cloud storage. If you want a digital backup, an offline USB stick is a good option.

Your private key is:  <add private key address here>

If you want to move or sell your INCNT, you will need your private key and some software you can download from (there will be a smartphone Incent wallet later too, which you’ll be able to use to spend it with supporting stores). There is plenty of help available online if you need it.

The address where your Incent is kept is:   <add Incent address here >

Incent has some exciting developments coming in 2019 so we’re looking forward to seeing what will happen. Keep an eye on your INCNT for a year or two to find out!

You can check the value of your INCNT at

You’ll be able to find out about news and partnerships at