How To Withdraw Your INCNT Earnings In 3 Easy Steps


At our goal has always been to make it easier for regular people to accumulate wealth. And if you’re already an Incent user then you’ll know that we have succeeded in at least one part of that goal.

If you have everything synced up correctly then you should have started seeing your rewards being applied to your Incent account from day one (and if that isn’t the case, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer support team).

With that being said, I would be lying if I said that cryptocurrency has all the answers because frankly, it doesn’t… or at least, not yet. But, that’s not something we think should stand in the way of you redeeming / withdrawing your well deserved rewards.

In other words… in this article you will learn the step-by-step methods that you can implement today in order to convert your INCNT cryptocurrency into fiat currency.

mobile cryptocurrency incnt

Access incent from any device, your computer, your phone, or even your tablet. Your currency always remains yours!

Step 1: Create a Waves Dex Account

Hold on because we are about to share something pretty cool with you! Have you ever wanted to be a commodities trader? An investment banker? Perhaps, a good ol’ fashioned stock broker? Well.. think of Waves as the centralized stock market for hundreds of crypto and fiat currencies.

The middle man so to speak.

Simply navigate to the Waves website using the link above, and click on ‘Get Started’, located in the top right corner. At this point, feel free to proceed like you would when registering for any website. Follow the prompts, provide accurate information and so forth.

Note: Due to the security behind cryptocurrency, and financial markets in general upon signing up, Waves will provide you with a ‘seed phrase’ => effectively, a series of unrelated words which will act as your backup code in the chance that you get locked out of your account, forget your password or need to verify your identity for one reason or another.

Please keep this information safe.

Waves Seed Phrase

Step 2: Send Your Earnings To Your Secure Waves Wallet

In the interest of letting you read through this article at your own pace, I decided to create an instructional video to help accompany this step (not that it’s pretty difficult, as you’ll see) but people absorb information in different ways.

The primary thing that you will need to keep in mind is simply the different wallet addresses that will be given to you. One from Waves in which your INCNT coins will be housed (for later withdrawal , selling or trading) and the same address that you will be required to copy + paste into when pressing ‘Withdraw Funds’ from your accounts page.

Please review this 30 seconds animated video below.


Withdraw Funds Incent Overview

An animated .gif helping you locate where the withdraw (cryptocurrency) funds option is within your account options. Easy!

As per the clip above once you have opened up the relevant menu in your account settings (and retrieved your wallet address from Waves) then all you need to do is specify how much INCNT you would like to withdraw, and then paste in the address to which it should be sent.

As per the video above, here is a quick run through of the what you need to do once you have access to Waves.
  • Navigate to your Wallet, specifically the Assets section.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list of tokens that are displayed upon loading the screen.
  • Press the bottom button and search for either: INCNTor INCENT until our cryptocurrency token appears.

Hang on we’re almost there!

  • Press ‘receive’ and copy your wallet address, and as per the animated .gif of Incent’s Cryptocurrency Platform as simply, paste your wallet address, into the withdraw funds menu within your account screen (once you have identified how much you want to withdraw, of course).

Note: Unlike Bitcoin and some of the ‘heavier’ currencies through which transactions can take hours, you’ll be happy to know that within a few moments you will notice your Incent earnings now active, (and useable) in your Waves Dex account.

Step 3: How To Move Your Crypto From Waves Wallet Into Fiat Currency

If you have followed the previous two steps correctly then you should be ready to start withdrawing your money from Waves into a currency you can put back onto your credit card.

This is where the ‘trading’ part comes in, and for those interested in the more nitty gritty parts of what it means to hold any asset I’ll be posting a more in-depth article about Forex + Cryptocurrency trading later with some general best practices, how tos and video instructionals.

For now, all you need to know is that until Incent integrates a direct withdrawal to bank feature (which is in currently in development) the primary way to redeem your assets is to sell them on an exchange like, Bittrex.

So, go ahead and create a Bittrex trading account.

Here is another helpful instructional video walking you through the process. 

As per above in chronological order the steps you need to follow are:

  • Register for a Bittrex trading account.
  • Send your INCNT coins from your Waves wallet into Bittrex wallet. (Refer to the video above to see where to find the correct wallet address for Bittrex INCNT trading).
  • Use your INCNT funds to purchase the respective amount of Bitcoin.
  • Sell your newly acquired Bitcoin for the respective USD price.
  • Withdraw your USD into your linked card / bank account. Conversion to AUD should automatically be done by your banking institution by the time funds arrive in your account. (Note: Prior to being able to request your funds you’ll be required to submit a request to connect your Australian bank account. It’s pretty self explanatory once you press ‘withdraw’  on the USD you have accumulated in your wallet from the sale of your Incent 
  • Voila!


Selling BTC / INCNT on Bittrex Markets – Watch Animated Video

I know this can seem a little daunting for first timers, and that’s why if you need any help our customer support team is always available to walk you through it. Alternatively, the teams at either Waves or Bittrex can lend you a hand as well.

However, I guarantee that once you get the hang of things you’ll find the entire process pretty exhilirating, not to mention you’ll finally have an answer to all your friends who would get on you for not, “getting into bitcoin” OR “investing in cryptocurrency”. 


Bonus Chapter: Financial Trading Fundamentals; Five Minute Crash Course

(Perhaps, this section would be best accompanied with an infographic too => a crash course into the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading. Stay tuned this section is under development, and will be releasing soon to all eager cryptocurrency fans!