Incent accepted as payment for the first time

Rob makes history, settling his bill with a local restaurant using INCNT.

Darlinghurst, in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, is bustling with restaurants, boutiques, bars and galleries. On the corner of Crown street is The Owl House, a funky bar and restaurant offering cocktails and delicious bar snacks downstairs and an innovative a la carte or degustation menu in its intimate upstairs restaurant. A couple of weeks ago, it was there, that we enjoyed a dinner with potential partners whilst some of our overseas team were visiting the Sydney office.

Dinner as always, was exceptional. The food was thoughtfully prepared delicious and was paired with some truly delightful wines. The ambience was just right and a fantastic evening was had by all.

The Owl House is owned by Amir, an early crypto adopter who has been accepting bitcoin at the restaurant since 2014. The evening we visited he agreed that the bill could be paid with INCNT, our cryptocurrency!

We thought it was worth documenting the event when Rob dropped in to settle up.

Incent’s online marketplace of stores which award crypto for online purchases launched in mid-May and we’re rolling out ‘clicks and mortar’ integration in July. At that point Amir will be able to reward all his customers with Incent on the spot, along with a host of other local businesses. It’s part of our initiative with Darlinghurst Business partnership, to rejuvenate our local area, and a chance to pilot our technology before our enterprise roll-out in November.

In the meantime, if you happened to be in the area, you should definitely check out the Owl House and see the magic Amir’s team work with food and drink.

To see the full recording of the transaction, go to our YouTube channel.

This post was first published on Medium Jun 1 2018.