Incent roadmap update

We’ve published a new roadmap for our key tech and business developments over the next 18 months.

As we near the next major milestone for the Incent project – launch with the first bricks-and-mortar stores – it’s time to update our community on our plans for the rest of this year and what we hope to achieve in 2019.

First, a quick summary of where we’re up to. After a successful launch at the end of 2016, 2017 saw key people and tech put in place, including our first full-time employees, Matt and Nadia. Incent was listed on Bittrex as well as Waves DEX, and this has been the foundation of our trading and settlement operation, which acquires Incent from the open market to distribute to customers at the point of purchase.

Our flagship product, the Incent Toolbar, was released at the beginning of 2018, with the marketplace – a collection of 300+ merchant partners – debuting in May when we attended CeBIT.

Over the last month or so, we’ve also completed a couple of major behind-the-scenes developments, which will make it frictionless for businesses to integrate our platform. We have developed in-house parsing technology to make crypto rewarding seamless. Linking to bank accounts via banking APIs and automating rewards mean that there is zero technical overhead for merchant integration.

Upcoming developments

Towards the end of this month, we’re looking at two pretty major milestones. The first is PCI/DSS Security Certification. This is all part of the compliance piece around processing our users’ banking and card data, which we need to do in order to integrate bank transaction rewarding.

25 July sees one of our most exciting developments: our Tier 2 retail launch. This will take the form of partnerships with around 15 retail outlets in the immediate vicinity of our offices in Darlinghurst – including the Owl House, which was the venue for Incent’s first real-world transaction We expect to learn a lot from that process, and four months later plan to launch with our Tier 1 retail partners – in other words, integration with national Australian brands. As a part of that offering we’re also developing an analytics and reporting package to maximise our value to those businesses.


By the end of this year, then, we expect to see Incent very much live in the marketplace, being distributed to regular Australians as they shop with everyday brands. Following that, we’ll be building out our platform’s functionality to give businesses all the tools they need to deploy a high-value loyalty programme with very little effort.

First on the list to make that happen is releasing our own API. That will allow anyone to connect to the Incent platform and build their own Incent-enabled applications and websites – without us having to do anything further. We’ll also be enabling a more granular approach to rewards, so that merchants can set the amount of Incent issued for each product and create their own rules for issuance.

‘Closing the loop’ is the final piece required to create a self-contained ecosystem for Incent. Enabling payment and part-payment in tokens will not only add liquidity but ensure that Incent becomes a truly useful and valuable currency. Along the way we aim to add several hundred retail partners, as well as Android and iOS apps for on-the-go access. Additionally, we’ll be enabling communication between merchants and customers, so that businesses can promote special offers and new products. Finally, by the end of 2019 we hope to have direct PoS integration, making it absolutely frictionless for businesses to issue and redeem Incent.

It’s been an exciting year so far, but we hope you’ll agree the best is yet to come for Incent. If you want to know more about what Incent can do for your business, email us at or after 25th July go to and register through our business dashboard.