Incent’s Reinvention feat. M35

At the beginning of 2019, the team at Incent decided the time was right for a complete rebrand and a fresh new look . To help us with our rebranding exercise we engaged International design consultancy M35.

M35 have an impressive portfolio of work, and an equally impressive client list. A part of The Dolphin’s redesign, working with Google Zoo, and most recently, Nike Australia on the launch of the Matildas’ new kit for the 2019 Women’s World Cup, it’s clear: M35 are the ones to watch.

The man behind this skillful design team of five is Jamie Mitchell, who we’ve been lucky enough to get to know and work with on the Incent rebrand.

Jamie studied graphic design and art direction in Sydney and London, and worked across both cities as well as Amsterdam. Eventually, he moved back to Sydney with his wife and decided he wanted to work “a little bit differently than what was already on the market.” Thus, M35 was born.

It’s clear that the recent Nike campaign was a real high but at this design studio, it’s often not about dream clients or jobs per say. One of the most important aspects of the designing process is a fit between the design team and the client. As process that often has a huge amount riding on it, it’s vital that they go into this process as equals.

“It’s about the work that comes through,” explains Jamie. “When you land a good idea, everything works. It’s not limiting but it opens up a world of opportunities – for us and the client.”

Chatting to Jamie about the way they work, he explains that there are four major steps that the team follow when they start a design project in order to get the best possible outcome for both parties.

The first step revolves around discovery: working out who the client is, what they do and who they want to be. Not everyone approaching M35 wants a rebranding, like Incent. Brand origination is an option, but so is lots of other graphic work like signage and physical environments.

“People come to us with lots of different reasons,” Jamie tells me. “Sometimes they are growing too fast or sometimes they’ve fallen on hard times and want to turn things around… What we need to do is find out who you are and the problem you want us to solve”

From here, the team moves on to define what success looks like for the client and the pieces they need to roll out in order for that to happen.

After design rollout the final step is to refine, but as Jamie tells me, their design process is very circular and they often stay involved well beyond handing over their work.

“Certain clients like to keep us onboard for the initial pieces that they put out there, while others are happy to just take the work and run with it,” says Jamie. “A lot of the time it’s scary for us to let the piece go as well and so we love staying involved, working with a client to help them change and adapt a piece as they need.”

As a client, at Incent we found that the rebranding journey was key in redefining who we were and how we wanted to present ourselves to the world. M35 were responsible for translating those goals into the bright pops of colour, arresting graphics and a smooth, visually beautiful website (with help from Liquid Protocol). What better way to bring our platform into the world?

If you’ve been loving our rebrand , check out M35 to see some more of their work and get to know the people behind Incent’s revamp.

Otherwise, remember to sign up to the waitlist and refer friends (if you haven’t already). Not long now before we release the winners, and the platform goes live!

Tabby wilson

Author: Tabby Wilson