Ingage Increased Functionality

Incent is excited to announce that our latest update to the Ingage platform went live at the end of last week. We had a couple of minor issues over the first couple of days, but our technical team reacted quickly and we’re confident that these have now been resolved.

One Plan

Up until now, new content creators have the option to sign up to use the platform for free, whereby they can reward their viewers with 0.5c for every code redeemed and limited functionality or subscribe to a pro-plan, paying $3 USD for every 100 codes and receiving additional benefits such as streamer income, donations, traffic re-direct, and audience insights.

The good news is that we’ve decided to migrate all our content creators to just one plan based on your feedback.

How will it work & what are the changes?

  • All our content creators will be able to sign up and reward their viewers for free.
  • All content creators will have access to audience insights and campaign analytics.
  • All content creators will be able to promote their own or their sponsor’s content via a post-reward banner that can be customized in your settings.
  • Donations will be turned on for all creators.
  • All streamers can now earn an income.
  • All streamers will now be able to determine the rewards split by going to their settings.
  • Pro codes are now Supercodes.

What are Supercodes and how will they work?

  • Like Pro-codes, Supercodes refer to code redeems. Eg. purchase of 200 Supercodes = 200 code redeems.
  • Anyone who had any pro-codes remaining in their account will keep them, they’ll now be known as Supercodes.
  • Supercodes will still be worth a total of 4c and you will able to set the percentage your audience receives and the amount you keep as income.
  • You can purchase Supercodes at any time to use in your stream, when they run out, your codes will automatically switch to 0.5c.
  • Viewers will need to get in quick to redeem codes if they want to earn more for redemptions, creating a demand for codes and therefore more engagement from viewers.

Log in or sign up to your streamer account to check out the changes at