Introducing Incent CPO Jins and the Product Evolution

Our previous blog post was about Rob, and his role in bringing Incent into being, but Incent’s co-founder Jins has remained a bit of a mystery. Jins Joined the project fairly swiftly after the initial ICO, the partnership between Rob and Jins and in particular Jins’ technical expertise, forged the company and set us on the path to who we are today. Both Jins and Rob are committed to the concept of helping everyday people build wealth. But who is Jins exactly?

As with many a start-up, the distinctions of Jins’s exact role in the company are a little hazy. Officially he leads the product team as Chief Product Officer (CPO), but as time has gone on, his work has more closely aligned with strategy and business development. He’s a man of many hats.

Prior to Incent, Jins worked as a consultant before starting and running two other start-ups. The first, Snapsave, was an app to help people save money automatically, building wealth for the future. The second, Workbench, was a cybersecurity start-up that helped people with online privacy and data protection. Both technically and philosophically strong, these two companies provided Jins with experience and skills that would be well appropriated in the Incent project.

He and Rob met when Jins was doing consulting work with the Royal Australian Navy. Time went on, and the two stayed in touch, bouncing ideas and theories off each other for various projects, Jins crediting Rob with introducing him to the world of Bitcoin.  When Snapsave hit some bumps in the road, back in 2017, the two began discussing combining the technology he had developed for his start-ups with the newly minted cryptocurrency.

“I could really see how using crypto-currency would help achieve a personal dream to help people financially struggling,” Jins shared. “Second to that, I’d have the opportunity to work with someone I really respected and called a friend. What better way to ‘work’!”

And so Jins joined the team while we were based at the Tyro Fintech Hub in Sydney.

While he says himself that he was hardly “crypto-literate” before starting with the Incent project, his technical and cyber-security experience was a huge asset for the team, and our founders started working with the concept of “The Center of Incent”.

“It was very early days for crypto, and there were not many businesses or concepts that had built the infrastructure to manage cryptocurrency for mass market use,” explained Jins. “My philosophy coming into Incent was that it needed to be adopted by mass market consumers and so the initial challenge was to figure out how to give people the benefits of crypto without them worrying about details.”

The first product that Rob and Jins rolled out together was the Incent toolbar, launched at the beginning of 2018. The toolbar was designed as a learning tool; it was hugely valuable in figuring how to build the core infrastructure for Incent, and at the most basic level, understand if and how people would use it.

“When we launched the toolbar at the beginning of 2018, it felt like something insane,” Jins tells me. “We had thousands of users signing up! It provided us with the understanding that we were on to something – that crypto could be used as a way for people to be rewarded just for living their lives.”

The product has evolved significantly since that original toolbar, and in the eyes of our CPO, there has been a number of successes. Recent technical triumphs have been the Incent Ingage platform and the Incent Insync product, but these builds haven’t been without huge effort.

“Every day is a challenge. Quite simply put, we are pioneering the use of various technologies in a way that will be used and accepted by mass market adoption. The blockchain, crypto-currency, rewards, security and more are all straight-forward concepts, but putting them all together as a fine-tuned and working product and service is a very difficult task,” says Jins, talking me through where there have been issues for Incent.

“The best thing about this challenge is that the team built inside Incent is worldclass.”

For Jins, his team is the most important part of his work, and cultivating a group of people that thrive together is something he does not take lightly.

“I’m pleased to see everyone in the team grow and become the best in an area they love. I love the statement that “A champion team will always beat a team of champions”. I’m so proud that we have built and continue to build a champion team,” he says, when talking about successes at Incent.

While Incent has evolved enormously since the toolbar launch, for Jin’s the company’s core mission has remained the same:

At the heart of it, the mission of Incent has not changed. Since day one we have been about helping people build wealth and map a clear route to financial independence, and this has stayed solid… It gives me and the team real purpose and honestly makes me very excited every day to come to the office and know that I am working on something that is going to help people relieving  financial stress from their lives.

Even though the Incent mission hasn’t changed, how we do it has. What I’ve learnt is that there isn’t only one way to solve a problem. What I love about Incent is that we continue to iterate and ideate through the solutions to find the optimum solution.”


As the Arthur Ashe quote states, “success is a journey not a destination” – the journey of our product has certainly proved that to be true.

Whilst Incent has, of necessity evolved over the last 18 months, but the steadfast hand that has been its guide has not. With Jins at the helm of product development, Incent is headed in a direction we are incredibly proud of and excited to launch.

Tabby wilson

Author: Tabby Wilson