Introducing the Incent Public Product Roadmap

We are proud to announce the launch of our new public product roadmap! This roadmap details our technical progress and shows you what is:

  • In Progress
  • Up Next
  • For Later Releases
  • Potential (seeking feedback)
  • Done
  • Left for later

You can access the public roadmap here on Trello. As always, we decide our next steps in collaboration with the many customers who put their faith in Incent.

We’re a small team and remain incredibly humbled that so many of you see a future where rewards and loyalty can be made better for everyone. At Incent we believe in the power of sharing. It is for the this reason, that we want to provide you the transparency of our plan and also provide us your direct feedback to make the Incent ecosystem stronger and appealing to the wider community.

While we’re excited about the journey to perfect rewards and loyalty, we know we’re far from perfection. By sharing our plans for the future, we hope you can feel confident that using Incent will only continue to make your experience stronger and more exciting. We’re excited to grow with you!

On the public roadmap anyone has the ability to follow, comment and vote for features that are being built or planned. Sign into Trello, then for any feature select it and add your comments at the bottom or vote for it on the right. It’s that easy!

You can even follow any particular feature by clicking the follow button on the right when you select a feature. This way if there is a feature that you really like and want to keep track of, you will get notified right away when changes or updates are made.

Finally, we want your contributions for future features so we have a specific customer portal set up already that allows you to directly request or suggest a feature. You can request a feature here or send us a message via our help desk or social media accounts.

Another way at Incent we are determined to Stay True.

This was first published on Medium Mar 12