Pro plans are live. What this means for you.

From its launch to one streamer in December 2019, our creative community has grown to over 20,000 streamers and our audience community to 220,000 consumers.

With your guidance we have evolved the Ingage product from a simple MVP to where it stands now.

To continue providing the Ingage service it is absolutely vital that we are commercially viable, in order that we can buy the Incent tokens that you distribute to your communities for watching you. Our community survey earlier this year confirmed that 99.6% of you love what we are doing, would happily recommend Ingage to others, want us to continue and would be happy to pay for the value Ingage brings you.

Based on this feedback we’re excited to announce the launch of our Pro streamer package!

Pro plan

Once you sign up to the Pro plan you’ll receive  the donate and streamer ‘earn as you reward’ features that verified streamers currently enjoy, plus a few extras.There will no longer be any need to get your account verified,

At launch each reward redeem will be worth a total of 4 US cents ( an increase in the value of each code) which content creators can split as they choose. For example you could share the code value 50% to the viewer and 50% to the streamer, both of you earning 2 cents every time a code is redeemed or you can change  the reward rate so that the viewer earns more and the streamer less (3 cents to the viewer, 1 cent to the streamer) or vice versa.

Content creators on the free plan are unable to earn an income and their viewers will receive a 0.5 cent reward for every code redeemed.

Additionally, all of our Pro plan creators will be able to self- promote on the reward congratulations screen.

How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up go to the promote tab on the Ingage dashboard and add your rewarder name, a promotional message of 120 characters or less and the url you would like your followers to visit, this could be a streamer page, social media account, merchandise store or a like to your sponsor page if you have one.We want you to be able to promote yourself however you like; It’s your choice.

How do I go Pro?

To start using the Pro plan, you’ll need to purchase code redeems. Code redeems can be purchased at $2 USD for 100 codes with a minimum purchase of $4, there is no lock in period and you can cancel whenever you like – essentially you only pay for the number of codes you use. As each code is worth 4 US cents you are essentially receiving $4 worth of value for every $2 spent.

Whilst we will continue to offer ingage for free to all our content creators, those using the free plan will be unable to receive donations or earn an income, and the amount a viewer will be rewarded for redeeming a code will be valued at 0.5 cents.

Incent tokens are a crypto-currency of programmatically finite supply. There are only 46 million of them in existence and their value depends on open market demand for them. All revenue will be used to buy Incent tokens from the exchange, driving up the value of the tokens for everyone holding them, especially our streamer community, who hold the most.

Check out our payment plans here.