Putting your business ahead of the crowd in the attention economy

In the age of smart-phones, social media, influencers and start-ups, consumers are inundated with messages and images vying for their attention. Becoming “consumer visible” is becoming increasingly difficult with every new business and every new marketing campaign adding yet another layer to the noise, making it more and more difficult for anyone to get their message across. Attention has become the new global currency.


The idea of the attention economy is not new. Back in 1971, Nobel Peace Prize winner Herbert Simon noted that “a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.”

Incent’s blockchain-driven incentivization platform was developed to service the Attention Economy. The technology allows any partner (business, brand or publisher) to reward consumers instantly with Incent, for their attention, engagement or any other digitally trackable activity.

Consumers know that their attention is valuable and businesses need to ensure they are getting something in return for it. 


The Ingage software can be deployed across any marketing platform – from a gaming stream to a physical newspaper – and which can instantly be redeemed on the Incent platform allowing consumers to receive micro rewards in the form of a tradeable digital asset. Any business or individual can use the platform to reward consumers and give something back for the valuable commodity that is their attention. In addition, creators receive a percentage of the reward as a form of income, thus allowing them to monetize their content and get paid for their time.


This is about as easy as it gets to enable people to acquire cryptocurrency. Using their proprietory Ingage technology Incent can on-board people frictionlessly – including members of the all-important gaming community, who are an ideal demographic for crypto adoption.

If you’re a content creator interested in rewarding your viewers and earning from your stream get in touch or sign up at get.incent.com.