Save for the future as you spend with Incent

Save for the future and build up your savings whenever and wherever you spend. The Incent platform allows you to accumulate digital rewards with real value as you go about your life.

Australia has some of the highest personal debt in the world. The average debt is more than 200% of net income, meaning people owe twice as much as they earn per year. That cashes out at a total of $2 trillion, or $250,000 per household.

There’s ‘good debt’ and ‘bad debt’, of course, and a large proportion of the total has been taken on to help build long-term wealth. A mortgage is an investment in your future, for example. But there’s a reason why money worries are the top cause of stress for Australians. There’s still the cost of servicing those mortgages and student debt – and then there’s the $20,000 of ‘bad debt’ like credit card debt and other unsecured loans, which reduce your monthly income without anything to show for it further down the line. Leaving young Australians with little or no opportunity to begin to save for the future.

We don’t pretend to have all the answers to these problems, but we do have something that might make a difference.

Earn cryptocurrency as you buy online

There aren’t many good ways of saving money these days. It can be tough to earmark money to put aside every month, and interest rates are at record lows. But our innovative technology enables you to put cash aside as cryptocurrency as you shop, for only a small subscription cost.

All you need to do is sign up to our platform. Whenever you shop with our partners, you’ll get a little reward in Incent – our own digital currency – delivered directly to your wallet.

Unlike other reward points, Incent is worth real money. You can save it, send it to someone else, or even sell it for other digital currencies or Aussie dollars on an exchange. Future plans include being able to spend INCNT at directly with merchants and transferring directly to your bank account.

Our hope is that the more businesses and Australian consumers use Incent, the more everyone will benefit through the demand for the currency.

There aren’t any guarantees when it comes to money, but we like to think we have a little piece of the puzzle right here. If you want to find out more, we’d love to hear from you. You can sign up to Incent, check our blog for regular updates, follow us @IncentLoyalty, or drop by our Slack to chat with our community.