Streamer update

I hope you are all keeping well.  I wanted to give you a quick update and announcement.

We are truly seeing our community thrive and we are growing at an extraordinary rate!!

Since December, we have seen over 17,000 content creators sign up to Ingage and we now have over 150,000 users that hold INCNT in their wallets. We have users and streamers using Incent across the planet and we are seeing some huge content creators join our community. I want to thank you all for being a part of our journey, thus far.

With such spectacular growth, we’ve had had to look at where we can slow down the release of INCNT tokens and how we can remain fair to our community while we finalise our commercial opportunities. Whilst it would be fantastic to continue providing a free service, the reality is that in order to continue providing content creators with the ability to reward and earn, as a business, we also need to remain solvent.

After discussions with our ambassadors and our community, we have decided that we need to apply a weekly streamer income cap. Our largest streamers have benefited from our open faucet for the past few months, but we need to bring this back to a reasonable and sustainable level. Starting this week, all streamer income will be capped at $70AUD P/W which we have been told is still quite generous.

We believe this will benefit the entire community by reducing withdrawals and cashouts. Thank you for understanding and, as always, Stay True.

Jaxon Valentine, Commercial Director at Incent

Jaxon Valentine

Commercial Director at Incent.
Catch Jaxon live on Twitch playing Golf Club 2019 every Monday at 8pm AEST.