Ingage is the perfect tool to help content creators build up and reward their communities.

Ingage Your Audience

Ingage is a free rewards platform which allows
any content creator to reward their viewers in real time, for their engagement.


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Set up a streamer workspace using Incent and reward your viewers in real-time with a globally tradeable cryptocurrency.

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Access a suite of user-friendly tools that integrate seamlessly with your existing streaming software, built with the aim of granting you the unique ability to create, manage and monitor the way in which you reward your audience live in-stream.

Ingage Dashboard

Ingage automatically generates reward codes and in-stream banners that viewers can redeem to get instantly rewarded..

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Visit to redeem codes and earn Incent.


Benefits of Joining


Reward your Audience.

Use unique codes to reward your viewers in real-time.


Receive Audience analytics

Understand the effectiveness of your reward campaigns.


Earn from your stream.

Get donations from your audience and receive a revenue stream from curated advertisers.

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Join Ingage, the new content creator reward program and start rewarding your viewers for their engagement.

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