The Darlinghurst Family

Vibrant and eclectic, Darlinghurst is a Sydney suburb that’s densely populated and culturally rich.

Darlinghurst is the home of award-winning restaurants, bustling cafes, boutique hotels, revolutionary start-ups and speakeasy upon speakeasy. It’s easy to fall in love with, for reasons that you’ll only understand when you walk through one of its narrow laneways, listening to folk music and laughter drifting out of bars. We certainly did. As of last year, it is also a place where you can earn crypto rewards when you spend at selected places.

So when discussions began to focus on a brick and mortar project, an area where we could prove the viability of Incent and simultaneously grow the business, Darlinghurst was the first place to spring to mind. It’s full of the creative and open-minded: our favourite kind of people. You only have to take a look at some of the incredible businesses that Incent supports to understand that the suburb is bursting at the seams with unique and quirky shops and bars.

So where in Darlinghurst could someone begin to earn crypto rewards?

For those looking for a local cafe with great coffee, check out Stanley Street. Everyone has their favourite coffee haunt, our favourite has a stripped back interior, flakey pastries and a bowl of water for your furry companions. What sets them apart is the warm smile always on offer behind the counter, and of course, the INCNT you earn when you buy that coffee and sandwich.

The busy bar scene that’s iconically Darlinghurst is a favourite destination for the team after a week at work. Mr. Pocket prides themselves on being a bar for the locals, with mouth-watering cocktails on offer and, in their own words “no dress code, no trance music”. It’s the perfect spot for those looking for something more than a beer, but without the frills and themes of many bars on the scene. Food is meat-free and delicious while retaining the classic feel of traditional bar snacks.

Bar Tapa’s speciality in terms of alcohol is sangria, a strong favourite in the Incent team, and it brings a touch of Spain to the Little Italy of Stanley Street. With five different paellas on offer and a huge range of tapas, there is something for everyone: families with large and rowdy lunches, or intimate wining and dining. As with all our Darlinghurst partners, they eminate a unique presonality that draws in a positive and friendly crowd.

Similarly, The Owl House offers fine dining as well as an extensive bar. Recently reopened in a larger venue, the restaurant is well regarded in the culinary world, reviewed and esteemed by a number of critics. Degustation menus with matching cocktails are on offer for those feeling like an elegant and lengthy meal and for the vegans among us, there is a huge range of eligible dishes to choose from. Amir, the owner of Owl House, has been one of Incent’s biggest supporters from Day 1 and has always been excited to be a part of this family.

But it’s not just hospitality that we support! As a team with a strong canine presence, Paw4Friends is a valuable member of the family. They fill all the needs you might have for a beloved furry friend; daycare options, grooming services and a well-stocked shop all fall under the Paw4Friends umbrella. Grand Royal Barbers on Riley Street is another Darlinghurst favourite, known for their perfect cuts and trims to hair, beards, and moustaches alike. If you’re not in the Darlinghurst area they have another two venues, where you can also get rewarded in INCNT.

The Incent community starting to grow in Darlinghurst is strong and something that the Incent Team are incredibly proud of. For those businesses looking to join us, feel free to get in touch, and an open invitation to anyone in the area: check out some of these unique businesses!

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Tabby wilson

Author: Tabby Wilson