Update on Incent withdrawals

After a very successful trial, we are taking down the toolbar to upgrade its functionality. The toolbar has seen over 5,000 users rewarded with over $66,000 AUD of INCNT since we launched in January, with a 70% active user rate. Now, it’s time to rework the proof-of-concept version into something that is more sustainable and, we hope, place additional demand for INCNT on the market. You can find out more in this post.

Meanwhile, many existing users have asked about withdrawing the INCNT they have accumulated over the past few months. We recently sent out a series of emails to users who had not gone through the required verification process.

  • Users are required to verify their email address
  • Users are required to verify their mobile phone number

Security update

Additionally, we have been working hard to identify undesirable behaviours. The initial version of the toolbar distributes INCNT in return for time spent online. However, we discovered a minority of accounts that violated our terms and conditions (e.g. duplicate accounts), with the purpose of obtained INCNT dishonestly. We have to pinpoint such activities and suspended the relevant accounts and/or frozen withdrawals.

Although majority of our users are honest, inevitably a minority of users have attempted to game the system in a variety of ways.

One of the things we have been working on in the last few weeks is tightening our security to manage the situation, which includes the above verification processes and other measures that are necessary to enforce accounts integrity within the INCNT community.

If you have completed the verification process and unsuccessfully tried to make a withdrawal, please open a support ticket via your account.

Darlinghurst rollout

In other news, we are now going live with our first local partners in Darlinghurst, Sydney, including the Owl House that was the venue for the very first real-world INCNT transaction. Stay tuned for more news about how this process is going!