Update to donations and new customization features

Hello Incent Community,

It’s been a while since we’ve had a community update but we are excited to introduce two new awesome features which, we believe, will benefit everyone in the Incent family.

Since the start of the project in Dec 2019, we have leaned on you, our community, to guide the direction of our products and build features that will power the platform forward. Features like donations, streamer income and streamer discovery all came through conversations with our community and our team of dedicated brand ambassadors. And like most startups, we don’t always get it right but we are quick to pivot, dust ourselves off and build something even better.

Our new releases are both live, so you can check them out in your dashboard right away.

Overlay customization is something the community have been asking for some time. We understand your creator brand is important to you and your logos, brand colours and unique identities are important to making sure you all stand out in a busy space.

With this new feature you’ll be able to choose your preferred colour set using the colour-picker – so when the Incent codes overlay pops up it matches the rest of your brand identity. You’ll also be able to upload your logo to add to the overlay.

We’ve also made some big changes to donations. Instead of just donating Incent to your favourite content creator, you can now donate Supercodes. Not only are you rewarding the content creator, you are increasing the amount viewers are getting rewarded so that everyone benefits. Donators see a shoutout live in stream for every Supercode donation.

For those of you that don’t know, Supercodes are Incent codes that hold up to 8x more value than our free version. In the past, we asked content creators to pay for codes to help boost their viewership by offering higher rewards. That function is still available to our creator community but we wanted to extend this function to allow the creator’s audience to donate Supercodes and help their creator draw bigger and better following.

By Donating Supercodes, not only does the creator gain value in INCNT earned, but a portion of the donation goes back to the creator’s community as boosted rewards. Supercode donations can be released on demand helping you build hype, gamify your stream and attract new followers through your marketing channels.

As always, we are always available on Discord to answer any questions you may have about the features, or you can watch Cactus_Zac’s demo video to walk you through the feature flow.

Stay True and I hope you are all well and keeping safe out there.


Jaxon Valentine, Commercial Director at Incent

Jaxon Valentine

Commercial Director at Incent.
Catch Jaxon live on Twitch playing Golf Club 2019 every Monday at 8pm AEST.