We have lift off!

We have successfully launched the first of many products that will put Incent into the hands of everyday people and provide a better rewards system. I want to use this product update to go through the current state of the product, highlight some key features and statistics and also provide some details for future releases.

The Incent Toolbar

The Incent Toolbar allows you to earn INCNT daily just by having the toolbar installed and activated on your browser. Download the toolbar today by heading over to www.incentloyalty.com. If you haven’t already done so, check out the video below about how it works:

We have had great reception to the Incent Toolbar and our user growth shows that.


It’s very exciting to see that everyday people see the value in earning a crypto currency like Incent. This not only proves our value as a business but also that there is great appetite for improving the very bad rewards and loyalty space.

Key Design Decisions for the Incent Toolbar

Designing and implementing a toolbar that is easy to use and understand is no easy feat. There are many design decisions that needed to be considered to ensure that the user was getting the right information and having the best experience.

Let’s start with accessibility. The Incent Toolbar is accessible using the Chrome browser only at this stage. We chose to do this because we saw that providing access to a Chrome Toolbar was the best way to get the message out about Incent to the mass market. Chrome’s app store provided an easy delivery mechanism to the world’s most popular web browser. A Chrome based extension also was the most cost effective and simplest way to get Incent in the hands of the user.

This leads to the next point about the user’s account. When a user signs up we needed to create a wallet that is managed for the user. This means that we needed to “dumb down” the current crypto wallet experience. Companies such as Coinbase and Coinjar have attempted to make the user experience easy and to their credit have done a great initial job. However, Incent is about the general public; the wallet experience needed to be very easy and “behind the scenes” so to speak.

The first pieces of information a users is shown when they access their Incent Dashboard is their value in Australian dollar, followed by the value they hold in INCNT and the value of that holding in BTC. We needed to do this to enable the everyday user to be comfortable with the idea that INCNT has a value to them.

The secondary pieces of information are “infographic” interactive charts. These charts display a user’s balance over time and the INCNT value over time. This was chosen specifically to help the user easily easy their value over time but also to introduce the concept that INCNT is a tradable and growing store of value.

Initial versions of the Incent Toolbar also had very limited notifications. This was not recieved well, so we quickly went to the drawing board and made modifications to improve the notifications for the user.

We designed the Incent Notification Framework that allowed the user to view various pieces of information depending on the level of detail they wanted. The Incent Notification Framework is a very powerful notification system that is highly customisable and has already been developed for future releases and products in mind (even across various systems and technologies). It’s quite impressive in its own right, but more on that in a future blog, suffice to say that the notification system is easy and intuitive.


The Incent Toolbar is just phase one in our plans. Phase two leads us into a new product, the Incent Marketplace.

The Incent Marketplace

The Incent Marketplace is currently in prototype at the moment and it is being built so I will keep it brief for now.

Firstly, the Incent Marketplace will allow Incent users to earn INCNT from online shopping. This is done through an affiliate model. An affiliate model means that we provide an aggregation of various deals and websites all in a single and easy to see and use place. When a user clicks on one of those deals or websites from the Incent Marketplace, they are taken to the deal immediately. If the user then decides to make a purchase for that deal, the Incent system is able to know the purchase details and provide credit INCNT into the users account.

The Incent Marketplace has been designed to make it so easy for you to find the deals that relate to you and help you get amazing returns on things you were already going to buy online. We are starting with Australia and New Zealand with the Incent Marketplace but will grow quickly to the entire world.

The deals come from various well known and established brands. We have been able to do this through long and detailed partnerships with affiliate partners that see clear value in Incent. These partnerships are very strong with more partners coming on board from around the world. When the Incent Marketplace launches in April 2018, you will be able to earn INCNT from product purchases online. Very soon thereafter, you will be able to earn INCNT from various actions too! Actions such as reading a blog post or watching a video online.

The Incent Marketplace also is accessible on ANY browser, including mobile without needing to download an app! This is very exciting because it means everyone can access the Incent Marketplace and earn INCNT!

This is just the beginning of the Incent journey and we thank all of our supporters and customers for coming on the journey with us. As we continue to refine, develop and release the various Incent products, we all will see Incent being used increasingly across the world, making our vision of having Incent in the hands of everyday people.

Another way at Incent we are determined to Stay True.

This article was first published on medium Mar 23 2018.