What is Metamask and how does it work?

In a nutshell, Metamask is a free browser plug-in and mobile app that also works as an Ethereum wallet.

There’s no doubt that navigating within blockchain technology can be daunting, there’s lots of loud – and often compelling – noise around the best way to go about things. If you’re looking to engage with the tech in a meaningful way, streamlining many of the more cumbersome processes, then MetaMask is a good way to go.

So,how does Metamask work?

MetaMask is a digital hot wallet (‘hot’ meaning that it’s permanently connected to the internet) created by ConSensys that is compatible with everything built on the Ethereum blockchain – that accounts for a whole host of apps, platforms and other goodies.

Basically, it’s your gateway into a myriad of blockchain-related activities that sidesteps the need to run an Ethereum node. Whether you’re looking to use a DeFi protocol (DEP), create and trade NFTs, check out the ever-increasing number of play-to-earn games built on Ethereum or buy and trade Ethereum-based crypto tokens: MetaMask will you allow to do all this and more.

There’s a reason why MetaMask is proving the most popular bridge between browser and blockchain (it has over 21 million active monthly users) – it’s free, intuitive, easy to use, and works across Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave or Edge as a browser extension (there’s also an iOS and Android app). Once you have it installed, you have access to pretty much everything Ethereum by way of 3,700 different decentralised applications and Web 3.0 services.

This will soon include Incent. With the platform’s move to the Ethereum blockchain on the horizon, all holders of Incent tokens (INCNT) will soon be invited to bridge to the new (ERC20) token, called ADEPT.

How do I install it?

There are some great online guides that take you through installation step-by-step, most notably from Finder or Coindesk with Metamask’s support desk having a comprehensive list of FAQ’s.