How our Insync technology keeps your data safe and secure.

Like many other financial applications, Incent uses the information provided directly from your bank account. When you integrate our Insync tech, Incent receives “view only” access via the open banking API. We can only see details you have given us permission to view, and the process uses the same security processes the banks use. Moreover, there are reasons why this approach is actually more secure and convenient for you than the alternatives.

Receiving rewards with Incent is pretty simple. You register on our platform, and then every time you spend money with an eligible source you’ll receive cryptocurrency rewards straight to your account.

In order to know where you have spent and how much you have spent in order for us to send you your Incent, our platform needs to connect to your bank account and pull the relevant information from it. When you sign up with Incent, you’ll need to give us permission to do that and provide a few details. Once you’ve finished, that’s it –  Incent will receive the “read-only” information it needs to match it to your rewards and you’ll automatically start receiving Incent rewards every time you spend.

Incent is registered with AUSTRAC,  and complies with Australian Government AML/CTF obligations. It’s a requirement not only of Incent’s adherence to ‘best practices’ in the business but also more specifically that we provide robust security and encryption on par with the banking sector in Australia.
It’s the same method used by investment apps like Acorns and Raiz, accounting software like QuickBooks and budget planning app Pocketbook.. (And naturally, while we can only read transaction information from your account, we can’t spend or transfer your money.)

Fast, secure, simple

 Beyond that, there are several advantages for both our customers and Incent to using direct banking integration like Insync.

You’re only giving your information to one company (Incent), to receive rewards from any supported business. There’s no need to go through the hassle of signing up with each one.

Merchants don’t need your information for us to distribute rewards, so you retain better control of your personal data. You know that when you are rewarded for spending with those companies, they’re not selling your personal information to third parties – because they don’t have it.

You don’t need to carry a reward card, or spend any extra time at the till to claim your points. Because Incent can read the information that’s sent from your bank about that transaction, the whole process can be automated. The rewards just appear in your account. In fact, you might not even realise that you’ve received Icent for spending at the time!

With one account and one set of details from you, we can start sending you rewards whenever and wherever you spend. After you register, the whole process is absolutely frictionless – you won’t even notice it’s happening.

Check out our security page and privacy policy for more information.