Gift Supercodes and win big!

As you know every time you scan a code, you receive an INCNT reward. If the content creator you’re watching has supercodes running, you receive 8X more in rewards than if they’re running regular rewards.

As a viewer, we’ve now made it possible for you to gift Supercodes to any Incent content creator, thus supporting them AND giving back to the community. For every supercode purchased, the streamer receives part of the value and the rest is shared with the community in the form of code redeems.

How does it work?

Log in to your wallet and click the donate button and to buy Supercodes. You’ll be directed to add the streamer name (they have to be using Incent) select the number of codes you want to gift and then the name you want to see on screen.  Content creators and the community will see the supercode donation and who it’s from pop up on their overlay. Great news, because everyone benefits!


As a promotional offer Incent is running a competition for everyone who purchases supercodes for a content creator other than themself.

Results will be announced on September 1st


  • Anyone who purchases and gifts Supercodes is eligible to take part.
  • 1 entry for each $5 worth of Suprcodes purchased.
  • Prize pool = half of amount earned by Incent for Supercode purchases.
  • Prize pool amount updated bi-weekly on discord
  • Competition runs from launch (26th July) until Midnight 12pm AEST 31 August.